Go directly to college. Do not pass high school. Do not collect legitimate education.

As a fourth year college student, I have encountered many idiots. Some of them simply lacked common sense, while others have left me wondering about the admission standards at my University.

I have had to sit through endless classes where the Professor decides that it is a good idea to read aloud. I understand that some people have learning disabilities, but by the time a person is in a 300 level college course certain words should not throw them off track. Words like liable, impotent, and consolation.

The spelling and grammar of the average student is horrible. In an organization I’m in charge of, we recently asked the members to evaluate how the leadership did and how the organization could improve. Here were some of the responses.

* “Meetings occassionally are inefficient a ga longer then is necessary.”
* “This the equivalent of me poking my eye out with a cattle prod.”
* “Sometimes didnt seem all that approcable.”
* “I can’t think…literally I’m Blown doooods”

I suppose some of the mistakes could be my interpretation of their chicken scratch handwriting. However, knowing the people makes me think otherwise. Therefore, I would like to apologize in advance for my generation. I’m sorry that we may well lead the world into unintelligent barbarism. Or, perhaps, a world written entirely in text lingo, where punctuation and occasionally some letters, get left behind.


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