Memorial Day

I get strange looks from people for many things. I wear Star Trek shirts, talk to myself in parking lots while searching for my car and my favorite holiday is Memorial Day. Somehow, people feel the need to judge my favorite holiday. Many people find it strange and perhaps slightly morbid. I have decided to put forth my reasons for loving Memorial Day.

I am fiercely patriotic. My roommate once remarked how odd it was that I would rant for hours about the failures of the Government, yet cry during the National Anthem during football games. My patriotism stems from my love of history. My dad loved it and passed that to me. I even took that love to college and now have a degree with a history minor attached. That being said, I know how fragile the American nation is, and how great it can be. I know about the events that created this nation; how close the USA came in the past to disintegrating. A lot of the time, the breaking of our nation was avoided by ordinary American citizens who did extraordinary things. Soldiers did not go into battle to become heroes. They did not do it to garner thanks. Young men and women went into battle, and still go into battle, because they believe in what America stands for in this world. They have the deepest love for our country and they prove it.

The least I can do is show my profound thanks to those men and women. I acknowledge how good I have it living today in the USA. I know how hard people had to fight for my way of life. I am eternally grateful and I appreciate the opportunity to show it. I do love the USA and I’m glad that I have the chance to love America. That, in a nutshell, is why Memorial Day is my favorite holiday.


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