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I had my first day with AmeriCorps/Red Cross today. It was pretty boring. I spent, with my co-worker, about 1.5 hours doing paperwork. Then we spent another 2 hours watching informational videos about the Red Cross. After that, we were sent home early. The rest of this week is spent in Grand Rapids, training some more.

Today was also my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary. That is certainly not a first. Well, it is, in a sense. It’s not their first wedding anniversary, but it’s their first 30th anniversary. Moving on from that bout of existentialism…

We went to a “fancy” restaurant. As fancy as you can get in Muskegon. It was a very nice place, with excellent food and was generally pretty classy. It was even overlooking the lake. However, the waitresses wore t-shirts. Classy/fancy rating nosedive. The food was good, though. Complete with items that can’t be found at Applebees’s, which makes it unique in Muskegon.

In the end, we’ll wait and see about my job. I did find a plus in Muskegon by dining at The Lake House. On the down side, the average price of dinner is $20. Currently, my salary is a “living stipend” and not enough money to eat out with every week.


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You can, in fact, go home again

I graduated from college last May. I spent four years away from my hometown, living on my own for the most part. After a summer of searching for a way to delay graduate school, I was accepted by an Americorps program.

In my hometown.

I would be lying if I said that this was my plan: to move back home and live with my parents. My plan was to find a temporary position, potentially still with Americorps, and save up money for grad school. I had elaborate and grandiose dreams of spending a year in New York City or Washington D.C.  Someplace away from the west side of the mitten where I grew up.  However, that did not happen. Instead, I find myself with a job for a year, doing something I think will be enjoyable, making the aforementioned money and living with my parents.

I start my job on Monday. I have a week of training in Grand Rapids, then I apparently get to go camping for more training. I am trying to be optimistic about living in Muskegon again once all my training ends and my job officially begins. After all, I just spent the summer and all of my childhood here. It can’t be that bad, right?

To that end, I have decided to document not only my year with Americorps, but my journey to learn to love my hometown. I will valiantly try to post once a day, potentially with pictures. We’ll see what happens, and how I feel about Muskegon next August.

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