Life in Washington DC

Living in Washington DC is strange sometimes. My hometown is a mix of urban/rural. The city proper is several miles away across the river. However, Muskegon is not large enough to have a reliable bus system. It does have a theater, symphony and minor league hockey team. I grew up on the outskirts; not in a suburb, though. I guess you could say it’s suburban rural. My parents’ house is on five acres of land, but we have neighbors right next door to that land.

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes DC feels like another country. The public transportation system still amazes me and I’ve been here for a few months now. The people are different, the culture is different and that allows for interesting things to happen. Here are some of the things that I feel are unique to DC.

1. Everyone seems to be doing important things. One day a week I spend time on Capitol Hill. Everybody on the Hill is in a hurry to get somewhere. This past Wednesday, I decided to join in. I was late to a meeting. I was going to be on time, but I got stuck across the street from the building when the Presidential motorcade shut down the road. When the road was accessible again, I decided to run to the front door of Rayburn. Thus making myself seem more important to those around me.

2. Sometimes your day is interrupted by the Presidential motorcade.

3. The bus that runs from the metro to my apartment uses the Pentagon metro/bus station. It’s the bus bay for seemingly all of Arlington county. However, tourists don’t know this. Occasionally, to feel important again, I like to watch the tourists stare when I get off the metro at the Pentagon. My thoughts often are like this: “That’s right, citizen, I am off to protect our nation. Carry on to the Smithsonian museums.”

4. Tourists are everywhere. I thought I was used to tourists growing up in a beach town on Lake Michigan. I was wrong. They’re everywhere in DC, often speaking non-english languages and always confused by the metro system.

5. Museums are everywhere. It goes beyond the Smithsonian museums, which are numerous. DC has the Newseum, the Spy museum, the Crime and Punishment museum, the Postal museum, the African American Civil War Museum. Frankly, if enough artifacts can be cobbled together about a topic, it probably has a museum in DC.

6. Joggers are everywhere. Everyone seems to run in this damn town. Especially if the weather is nice after days of rain/snow. The joggers are like animals returning for the spring. One day there are no birds and the next day the return en masse.

I’m sure more things will strike me as interesting/odd/irritating the longer that I live in DC. I’ll be sure to post them as I observe in the future.


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  1. Kathy said

    The Postal Museum is in the Smithsonian.

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