Gotta get out of this place!

I’m beginning to think that I have wanderlust.

Or I’ve just fallen out of love with Washington DC.

I randomly have next week off of work, and I’m coming up with any and all plans to vacate the DC area. My current plan is to head home and cash in on my parents’ hospitality for the week. Curiously, though, I don’t think I miss home. It’s simply a convenient place to go to. I think it’s that I cannot handle a week without anything to do in this city. I don’t want to spend five days in my bedroom watching Netflix. However, I’ve exhausted the Smithsonians and it won’t be nice enough outside to just hang out on the mall with a book.

This feeling goes bigger than just next week, though. I’ve been applying to Grad schools for next fall and I find myself thrilled to leave DC. There are parts of living here that I still love; such as living history and walking around Old Town when it is nice outside. Lately, though, the negatives have begun to outweigh that. It’s expensive to live here. Not just rent, but everything. My closest grocery option is Whole Foods and my professional clothing store options are Macy’s and J.Crew. Not that I dislike J. Crew, but I need to be able to afford my fancy, GMO free whole food. There’s also no close nature here. I grew up on five acres and down the street from a state park and Lake Michigan; I need trees and open water. The Potomac doesn’t cut it; you can always hear and see planes going to and coming from Reagan airport. There’s always Rock Creek park, but it’s pretty far away from me.

I don’t know, I just feel this need to leave. To get out. To buy a car and start driving. It’s like I’ve been here to long and I want something different.

Who knows. Maybe all I need is next week, and I’ll be fine.


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